मैं भी पढ़ पाता काश


मैं भी पढ़ पाता काश ,
मेरे लिए भी किसी ने किया होता प्रयास ,
किताबे और पेंसिल होती मेरे पास
मैं भी पढ़ पाता काश |
होती एक उम्मीद मेरे भी पास ,
इरादे मेरे भी होते छूने को आकाश
मैं भी पढ़ पाता काश |
शाप सी जिंदगी से छुटकारा मिल जाता
पास के किसी स्कूल मैं भी पढ़ पाता
ख्वाब पुरे नहीं तो देख ही पाता
काश मेरे लिए भी कोई प्रयास होता |
कोई मुझे भी पढ़ायेगा
शायद कोई मुझे भी प्रयास ले जायेगा !!!


-Vikas Kumar


हमे “प्रयास” को और आगे बढाना है ।


हमारा उद्देश्य इन बच्चो को कामयाब बनाना है ,
हमे “प्रयास” को और आगे बढाना है ।

अशिक्षा को दूर कर उन्हे शिक्षित बनाना है ,
उन्हे देश का सुबोद्य नागरिक बनाना है ।
कई रूप है इस दुनिया के, ये उनको बताना है ,
हमे “प्रयास” को और आगे बढाना है ।

हिम्मत रखकर लक्ष्य की ओर बढना सिखाना है ,
सच हो जाये जो, वो अच्छी जिंदगी का ख्वाब दिखाना है ।
इन्हे खुद के हक के लिये लङना सिखाना है ,
हमे “प्रयास” को और आगे बढाना है ।


Poem Credit – Vikas Kumar.

Prayaas – Let Dreams Not Die…

Prayaas-The Eye Opener…


Some people pass through your life and disappear into mere oblivion,you never think about them.Some you think about and wonder whatever happened to them.Yet,once in a while someone comes along and leaves an indelible mark on your heart,they are the ones who find a place in the sanctum sanctorum of your heart.Recently, I had the pleasant experience of meeting some people who have unassumingly found their place in my heart.

 “Prayaas-Let dreams not die”,that single phrase still rings in my mind.About two weeks ago there was the orientation and we were formally introduced to the orgainisation which is making an effort to preserve dreams of the poor,providing the underprivileged an incentive to rise above their squalid and marginalized existence.For those of us who have relative plenty,in comparison  to the unfortunate,little do we realise the things we take for granted,little do we reflect upon the plethora of opportunities and chances that we squander away.For the past two weeks this realisation has dawned upon me that we are in someways collectively responsible for the deprivation of the underprivileged,it is on their want that our plenitude thrives and it is their sacrifices which give us the lifestyle that we lead and aspire for.Thus,we tread upon their dreams and sometimes even quash them without even realising that dreams are priceless.

 My first day at Prayaas,got to say was a bit tensed never been in a class before where I had to play the role of the teacher,how will the children receive me?how will they interact?Will they accept me or shout me down?How will I control the class? these were the various thoughts which had clouded my mind and I entered the classroom muddled with all such inhibitions.But once I entered the room all the inhibitions were wiped away as they cried out in unison “Goodevening sir”,the warm welcome that I received was like a zephyr after a sultry day.With a sigh of relief I started my first class,the topic to be covered was counting I had to teach the kids to count numbers from 1 to 100 a pretty tough job.Nevertheless we were upto the challenge after twenty minutes in the hour long class I had achieved some degree of success,while realizing the complexities of the task before me.Their innocent faces, their hungry hollow eyes gleaming with a ray of hope, their tattered and unkempt clothing made me realise how fortunate I indeed was.Whenever I stroll around the class and check their notebooks their naive words like “Sir Good dijiye, sir very good”, “Sir mujhe kaam dijiye karne ke liye” always resonate in my mind how can one not help loving these souls.By the end of the first class I had partially accomplished my mission,I had taught the kids to count from 1 to 20.

So the bond was established the minute I entered into that modest classroom I knew I belonged there, though their cacophony can at times cross the decibel levels but still I knew there was no other place on earth where I would want to be.I don’t know what attracted me there,was it the children, the ambience or the beatings of my conscience,but one thing is for sure it felt right being there.From that day onwards I went to Prayaas atleast 4 days a week.I felt an inner sense of satisfaction, a kind of serenity teaching the kids.

 Then came one of the biggest days in the prayaas calendar the Republic day  celebration organised in the Kendriya Vidyalaya campus.It was a kind of a “megashow” with the congregation of 300 children and the presence of our teachers.The children danced and played,sang the national anthem,it was really heartening to see a smile on their faces and I felt somehow that I had contributed in my own small way in  establishing that smile.And soon Prayaas became a daily affair for me,I knew it was meant for me and so I put all my sincerest efforts in teaching these kids the basics of Maths and English.

Even today when I think about Prayaas my heart is filled with gratitude towards its founder Puneet Vijay sir for establishing this organisantion to bring about a radical change in society,his efforts are really laudable.I would also like to thank my seniors for their tireless efforts in creating an ambience of learning and fostering growth in this erstwhile institution,especially Gagan sir who has been the driving force behind my entry.Slowly and slowly,brick by brick we are meeting our goal because Prayaas is not only about education and providing wings to dreams but it is a prelude to changing the basic mindset of people when they say that poverty is not their problem and its none of their concern.They fail to realise that they are the cause themselves and hence realising this one should do their own small bit in changing their fate.Thus, at the end of the day we will be judged by all that we can give and do for others and not by what we get.Keeping these hallowed words in mind I would like to call upon more volunteers to this cause and believe that this cause is greater than ourselves.I have volunteered for this cause because I know there is nothing more stronger than the heart of a volunteer and in times of despair it gives me hope that we may lose this battle but we will win the war.

Rupak Chakraborty

Gratitude Towards Prayaas


Starting the journey of 4th SEM, full of zeal of studying new courses, we also got the opportunity to become an integral part of Prayaas… the opportunity to teach under-privileged children… the opportunity to provide wings to their dreams…the opportunity to serve the humanity…

We, all volunteers and post-bearers of Prayaas, are whole heartedly thankful to our seniors and complete Prayaas family for believing us and finding us suitable for handling this great job. It is really appreciable on the part of Puneet Vijay Sir who made this possible for these children to give them a ray of hope.

With the help of our seniors and Padma Ma’am, we held the Orientation Ceremony of Fresher’s on 14th Jan. It was simply excellent. Gagan and Umang were actually heart touching in introducing and motivating the Fresher’s. Even we, who are teaching since last semester,were re-energizedtoo.

Thus, our great journey began… On the next day, we visited PeepalGaon and went from home to home of every child to pursue the children to come for studying at their own Prayaas. After break, strength of children gradually decreases, but from the very next day, there was an exponential rise in children strength (and volunteers too), and once again we are able to earn a self-satisfaction and being self-honored of teaching small kids.

Experience in teaching children and interacting with them at Prayaas is really an unnarratable part of life. It’s a two way street. The dedication we are putting in teaching is returned hundred fold by their dedication in learning.

Before winding up, I would like to share the depth of my bond which they have formed with their cuteness and innocence, which is hard to forget. Sometimes I used to smile alone, sometimes I think I’ve gone mad wasting my time in thinking about these children. But when I come out of this other part of my life into reality, I came to realize they are the one who make me smile, they are those which make my leisure time the best utilized time and they are the one in whose life, my contribution will help them to live as a mighty being one day. Not only is this, the best part is that they urge you to take you to their home. In spite of refusing again and again you will find it difficult to get out of their request and the reasons you know…..





How can one miss great opportunity of being loved? The work now we have to do for our society, I think will help out in one way or other in achieving the vision of well educated India.

I hope with God’s blessings we will be able to elevate this initiative up to its highest level.

-Shubham Singhal

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Since I was small, I have been hearing and reading a lot of bad, unfair stuff happening around the world such as recent gunning of innocent people in Norway. Sometimes, I let it enter it though one ear and bid it goodbye from another ear. Sometimes, I ponder over the Ultimate question “Why??” and eventually… let it go.  Sometimes, my soul refuses to accept the unjust and I pound the table with my fist “Something has to be done!!!” BUT…  Again confronted by the question, “What can I do??” or send a false justification to myself “I will do it when I grow up…” All the while, my heart shrinking and the real me disappointed in me.

Now that I have entered a college, an opportunity is being provided to me in the name of a NGO, “Prayaas”. Prayaas, as the word implies, is an effort by our student fraternity…

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Comes the spring, and the atmosphere is filled with the fragrance of flowers, and the bare trees which shed their leaves in winter are bright with greenery once again. Spring symbolizes a new beginning and also the triumph of good over evil. Basant or spring is a season of colours, and this is when we celebrate Holi with colours – to mark the beginning of a new season..

The celebration of Holi has different aspects…. It is a celebration of the triumph of good over evil, a carnival of colors, a community festival, and a tradition of ancient spring rites!!!
Holi celebrations starts with the burning of Holika on the eve of Holi which symbolizes the triumph of good over evil..

And How could a festival go insipid in Prayas??? 
Prayas, which is known to bring smiles on so many faces ...

Holi, also known as  Dhulandi, the much awaited festival was celebrated with great zest and verve  in Prayas with the volunteers of IIIT-Allahbad.It is an epitome of the time to remember the brightness and splendor of living, a time to spread joy, colour and love into the lives of our near and dear ones.
It was celebrated on 13 th and 14th March with the kids who enjoyed the festival with the water colors and gulaal and  it is indeed  the best time to dissolve the differences and you can evoke a smile on the irritaed faces saying ” bura na mano holi hai !!! ”
Holi is being celebrated in Indian since time immemorial but the popularity of Holi celebrations seems to be rising with every passing year and so is the level of hoo-ha. As no other festival gives so much liberty to the people to let their hair loose and enjoy their hidden crazy self…

It was overwhelming to see the enthusiasm of kids  reaching peak. And therefore Holi is, aptly called the festival of colour. Its spirit is uniquely Indian, colourful, exotic, and full of the energy of life!!

May this holi brings lots of  bright hues in our lives…
May God gift you  the colors of life,
colors of joy, colors of happiness,
colors of friendship, colors of love
and all other colors you
want to paint in your life
PRAYAAS Wishes u all a very  HAPPY HOLI !!

Pyar ke rang se bharo pichkari,
sneh ke rang se bhar do duniya sari,
ye rang na jane koi jaat na koi boli,



With the new year comes the new promises the new resolutions the new aspirations…
Taking forward the journey of Prayaas  we celebrated the new year with a new project- Naivaidhyam which involved organising meals for children.Sometimes little things are just enough to bring smile on someone’s face and it was blissful to see heavenly smile on the faces of innocent kids.We celebrated new year with this project in Gurgaon,and arranged food for 100+ kids at Sushant Lok slums.
It was an overwhelming experience.

It is rightly said, by George Bernard Shaw:
“The Indian way of life provides the vision of the natural, real way of life. We veil ourselves with unnatural masks. On the face of India are the tender expressions which carry the mark of the Creator’s hand”
Yes it was the day of 62nd Republic day, the day the constitution gave us the faith , gave us the freedon, peace and gave us the pride.
The day was filled with all the more pleasure with Prayas kids dancing on the tunes of the songs which filled in us the zeal, vigor, the youthful energy of being resposible citizens and the future of India and taking it to great heights. Along with the dance performances the ambience was also filled with the heart-touching patriotic songs like “saare jahan se acha”, “ae mere watan ke logon “. It was a feat to see the children who did not know much about this tri-color flag held in their hands, but still walking broad shouldered and trying what not to make it wave as high as possible..!!
Besides a huge amount of volunteers, this day also saw the gracious presence of faculties who gave insightful talk just after the completion of function to the prayas kids.
Thenafter not overlooking the Physical fitness of children, many sports activities were organised and sweets were also distributed.
To sum up it was an enriching experience for one and all volunteers to spend this big day with the cute kids of Prayas making every moment the most beautiful they can..

The Journey of 2010!


Of all the gifts
You have offered to God,
Your happiness-gift
He treasures most.

 -Sri Chinmoy

And it is this Happiness each one of us strived to make it spread like a flu. 2010 was an year of big change of us as we stepped out of Allahabad and burgeoned to reach places. On this day where we are just a few hours away from the decade switch, we look back on all the smiles we have managed to spread and we find ourselves in paucity of words to express what we feel. Here is a glimpse of our journey in 2010 –

Prayaas Pathshala
Prayaas Pathshala is our evening school operational in Allahabad since 2006. The year saw us graduating around 25 kids in our basic literacy programme and admitting 40 new kids. 5 girls mentored by us managed to clear high school. Along with academics, this was a fun filled year for the kids with drawing competitions, movie screening, campus tours, kho khos, kabaddis, singing and dancing. The celebrations train never halted with republic day, independence day, Holi, Diwali, Foundation day, Sports day, etc. This year the kids also put up a spectacular show on Effervescence stage (the annual fest of IIITA)

Under Asha, we have been supporting mainstream education of kids from financially weak households. We continued supporting 16 kids partially or completely under this programme which includes 7 kids for academic year 2010-11.

Bengaluru – To beat the summer heat, weekend summer camp was organised for HIV+ve kids from Desire Society which included movie screening, painting, music and dance activities.
Allahabad – In association with Victory Arts Foundation, a dance workshop was organised for Prayaas Pathshala kids.
Pune – Remand home kids trained by instructors from Shiamak Davar’s Institute for Performing arts enthralled the audience in SDIPA Pune Winter Funk after a15 day long training.

Ayush aims at prevention and cure of diseases and spreading awareness for health and hygiene.
Allahabad – Medical camp was organised in association with Cheshtha for around 120 kids.
Bengaluru – Medical camp for Uttarahali Boys and Girls orphanage was organised, where basic ailments were treated. A dental check up and hemoglobin tests were also performed. Dental treatments were organised of cavities and other problems diagnosed with 38 children. 17 kids were treated for other ailments. In order to take care of hygiene and health, things like mosquito repellent creams, mosquito nets, and towels were donated. For last 3 months, we are also providing daily necessities like milk and soap.
Gurgaon – Woolens donation was organised to prevent winter diseases. 10 kids were donated sweaters, socks and caps. 30 more kids were given caps.

School Kit Donation
150 school kits comprising of school bags, notebooks, compass boxes, pencils, pens and crayon sets were donated across Gurgaon, Jaipur, Bengaluru, Pune and Chennai.

Other Celebrations
Diwali celebrations at Jaipur and Bengaluru
Christmas Celebrations at Gurgaon and Bengaluru

We thank our friends who have been really supportive throughout our journey. It’s because of them we have been progressing ahead and ahead. And before we wrap up, we salute our volunteers for the unmatched effort they have been doing consistently.

May God gives us more strength so that we continue spreading smiles.

A very Happy New Year to you all 🙂
Do take a moment to watch our photo albums on our Facebook page.
For any inquiries, shoot a mail to iiita.prayaas@gmail.com

Medical Camp in Bengaluru on 3rd October


A Medical Camp was organised by Prayaas on 3rd of October 2010. The Camp was organised in Shri Krishna Hostel in Uttarahalli, Bengaluru. YFS (Youth For Sewa), an NGO helped us in getting the doctors and facilities. The medical camp consisted of

  1. Dental checkup
    -By Dr. Sachin Sinha and Dr. Emol Sinha from Narain Oral and Dental Care
    -By Dr. Ujwala Jayaram
  2. General Medical Checkup
    -By Dr. Pritha Chitagi and and Dr. Rachita Ramamurthy
  3. Haemoglobin Testing
    -By Vyjayanthi and Mrs. Sumathi
In a total 47 children (age group of 2 to 17 years) were screened in the medical camp. This effort was made possible by our volunteers Siddharth, Sindhu Prasanna, Sindhu N, Ankita, Vyjayanthi, Harsha, Anand.

The camp was a huge success with the efforts of the volunteers and the medical staff.  Below are the medical findings reported by the doctors:

Dental check-up:
Number of children screened : 47
Number of children that presented with No dental problems : 9
Number of children requiring treatment : 38
Dental Caries – 28 cases
Mobile /Retained tooth – 7 cases
Root Stump – 3 cases
Orthodontics Problem – 4 cases
It was noted that 32 children displayed poor oral hygiene. In addition to conducting the screening, Dr.Ujwala delivered a talk on Oral Hygiene, and the team from Narain Oral and Dental care distributed free toothpastes, brushes and Dettol to some children, to encourage them to maintain proper hygiene.

General Medical check-up
Number of children screened : 47
Number of children requiring follow-up : 19

Paediatric referrals
Resolving scabies, on medication; regular follow-up – 6
Breathlessness, decreased breath sounds on examination – 1

Dermatology referrals
– 4
Scabies with Skin ulcers – 3
Eczema – 1

E.N.T referrals
– 1
Discharge from ear – 1

Ophthalmology referrals
– 5
Blurred vision and/or frequent headaches – 5

Referrals for other specialties
– 3
Cardiac – 1 (CVS- Pan-systolic murmur with Thrill)
Neurology – 1 (Epilepsy)
Orthopaedic – 1 (X-ray of right ankle required- history of fracture; pain/swelling persists)

Medication prescribed/
De-worming tablets (Albendazole) were provided, to be given to all children (their caretaker was instructed accordingly by the Doctors).

Requisite tablets were given to 6 children:
Cold/cough – 5

External wound – 1 (Paracetamol + Antibiotic)


Hb testing findings :

Number of children screened : 47
Number of children indicated anaemic : 43 (91.5 %)

Hb level
Number of boys
Number of girls
Treatment required
12.5g and above
10.8g to 12.5g
Borderline Anaemia
Iron tablets to be given*
9.4g to 10.8g
Moderate Anaemia
Iron tablets to be given*
Below 9.4g
Severe Anaemia
Iron tablets to be given*
*Dosage varies, depending upon the degree of Iron deficiency/Anaemia

The medical camp was overall a huge success. We look forward to organising more such camps so more and more children can live a healthy and better life.

Happy Birthday Prayaas!


Four years!! Four years of togetherness!! Four years of spreading joy!! Four years of teaching the children dream!! Four years of Prayaas!!

On 5th september 2010, prayaas evening pathshala turned four. The four years have been quiet eventful with lessons, experiences and above all memories for every single person associated with it in one form or other. Be it the volunteers or the children or anyone who has been a part of Prayaas or supported it. The eventful journey which started as the brainchild of few dynamic young people, has today reached a stage where we claim that two batches have passed out and as we put it, the children have helped themselves to learn and achieve functional literacy.

The celebrations for the fourth anniversary of Prayaas became more special with the presence of the founder, Mr. Puneet Vijay. The guest list included esteemed faculty members of IIITA family, volunteers of Prayaas pathshala and the children who are the heart of Prayaas. The celebrations began with giving some chllenging and fun tongue twisters to the faculty members including Dr. Nitesh Purohit, Dr. Rajat Singh Mr. Mithilesh Mishra and Mr. Yogesh Kardam. This made sure that both the children and faculty members were equally having fun. This was followed by the cake cutting ceremony and invited Dr. Sudip Sanyal had the first bite of the three storey cake.

The performances by both volunteers and children were about to start now. The entertainment was kick-started by the group song sung by the students of Prayaas Pathshala. The song left everyone amazed by the talent of these children possessed. This was followed by a fantabulous group dance performance by the children of Prayaas. The group dance had exemplerary co-ordination and won hearts and loud applauses. Now it was the volunteers who had to display some acting skills. The group play had the theme of opposing child marriage. This was followed by dance performance by Pratibha and song by Anju, both volunteers from B.Tech 2009. Then came the event that changed the course of the evening. It was time for the group dance performance by the B.Tech 2009 batch volunteers who were accompanied by the founder too.

After all the entertainment, it was time for some guidance by the faculty members of IIITA family and the ones who had supported Prayaas through it’s journey so far. Mrs. Padma was called on stage for the certificate distribution. This marked the passing out of the second outgoing batch of Prayaas. This was a moment of great joy for everyone part of the Prayaas family. She concluded the certificate distribution with a sweet and motivating speech. Now it was chance for Dr. US Tiwary to give his speech which everyone enjoyed to the core. He ended the speech with a song which cheered and uplifted all moods.

Now it was time for the children to get a generous serving of snacks which everyone seemed to be enjoying.

Now Prayaas Pathshala is four years young to enter it’s fifth year 🙂

***** 🙂 *****