Gratitude Towards Prayaas


Starting the journey of 4th SEM, full of zeal of studying new courses, we also got the opportunity to become an integral part of Prayaas… the opportunity to teach under-privileged children… the opportunity to provide wings to their dreams…the opportunity to serve the humanity…

We, all volunteers and post-bearers of Prayaas, are whole heartedly thankful to our seniors and complete Prayaas family for believing us and finding us suitable for handling this great job. It is really appreciable on the part of Puneet Vijay Sir who made this possible for these children to give them a ray of hope.

With the help of our seniors and Padma Ma’am, we held the Orientation Ceremony of Fresher’s on 14th Jan. It was simply excellent. Gagan and Umang were actually heart touching in introducing and motivating the Fresher’s. Even we, who are teaching since last semester,were re-energizedtoo.

Thus, our great journey began… On the next day, we visited PeepalGaon and went from home to home of every child to pursue the children to come for studying at their own Prayaas. After break, strength of children gradually decreases, but from the very next day, there was an exponential rise in children strength (and volunteers too), and once again we are able to earn a self-satisfaction and being self-honored of teaching small kids.

Experience in teaching children and interacting with them at Prayaas is really an unnarratable part of life. It’s a two way street. The dedication we are putting in teaching is returned hundred fold by their dedication in learning.

Before winding up, I would like to share the depth of my bond which they have formed with their cuteness and innocence, which is hard to forget. Sometimes I used to smile alone, sometimes I think I’ve gone mad wasting my time in thinking about these children. But when I come out of this other part of my life into reality, I came to realize they are the one who make me smile, they are those which make my leisure time the best utilized time and they are the one in whose life, my contribution will help them to live as a mighty being one day. Not only is this, the best part is that they urge you to take you to their home. In spite of refusing again and again you will find it difficult to get out of their request and the reasons you know…..





How can one miss great opportunity of being loved? The work now we have to do for our society, I think will help out in one way or other in achieving the vision of well educated India.

I hope with God’s blessings we will be able to elevate this initiative up to its highest level.

-Shubham Singhal


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